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Is my doctorate good enough?

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Is it true that PhD students need to work 10-12 hours a day every day to be productive?

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Is ignoring emails acceptable in academia?

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How to abort one post-doc sub-project politely

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How to answer “Why is graduate study important at this time in your life?”, when the reasons are very personal?

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Why do PIs say no to students working during grad studies?

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What is the "power" a PhD advisor has over their advisees?

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Reading (& understanding) a lot of papers is hard. How to deal with it?

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Is it okay to send my professor humorous material?

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Will I look bad if I'm never in my office as a graduate student?

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Why do companies fund academic research?

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Why do people say you shouldn't do a PhD unless you want a career in research?

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Can I have a PhD in one field, and be an avid academic contributor in another?

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How to deal with the (hidden) feedback from research supervisor?

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When being asked, what's the most harmless way to address my past record of leaving Ph.D. program in a different field?

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What is the scientific term for a “research gap”?