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38 votes

What should raise red flags to detect fabricated data

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Handling plagiarism as a TA

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Do I need to define all forms of cheating in the syllabus?

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Saying "good question" during a seminar talk

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Legality of universities posting sections of books online

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Aftermath of rightfully submitting a solo paper without my advisor's name

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Is doing two PhDs a good path?

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Does publishing a paper on arXiv prevent me from submitting it to a non-open access journal?

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Is it normal to get an angry review that does not address any point of the work?

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Is it bad manners to mark your territory?

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Are Mathematics graduate programs open to admitting a student out of high school with graduate work?

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Should I share my horrible software?

1 vote

Understanding an abnormal grade distribution

-2 votes

How should I communicate that I do not hold the views expressed in a paper I wrote

-6 votes

I believe my classmates plan to hand in a plagiarized project, how should I handle this?