Avid, non-professional LINUX USER now because becoming extremely concerned by restrictions being placed surreptitiously on the MAC user. MICROSOFT is doing it now too? Is the competition that severe that you are now coralled and freedoms severely curtailed? What's with the m3u files? Are they that terrified that you will take your free Podomatic podcasts and a few 0.99c song tracks ( which you can buy at mp3 million for 10c a pop !) And bolt? Where to? This over-protectionism apropos everything now is restrictive, takes the joy of computing totally away from the enthusiast, and makes what used to be fun, dreadful. Thank God for Linus Torvalds and the Linux bunch, who believe that computing should be fun and the software free! And how nice not to have some faceless person, scratch through your personal files daily " to improve your Internet experience" which is the cyber equivalent of having your teeth pulled because you enjoy it. Not everyone is that challenged! Own it my friends. See how much good will come from it..as for me ~ Viva Linux !! 《 not for everyone though. It requires persistence and a modicum of intelligence and tons of motivation》

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