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Addressing Professor in email with half-typed name, how to deal with the mistake?
Accepted answer
13 votes

Forget about the mistake. If you want you can apologise in the next email. First names are more than enough for most academics unless you are culturally inclined to be very formal with a professor of ...

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What are the differences between a research paper and a patent?
7 votes

A patent is a legal document written by lawyers trying to say as little as possible while protecting an idea. Peer reviewed papers are trying to inform people and say as much as possible about an idea....

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How do I explain to a prof who is not happy with my actions which were simply a mistake due to miscommunication?
5 votes

Agree with Dave, as supervisor/student relationship is like a marriage, communication is essential for it to remain healthy. However also note that, since you have emailed him quite a number of times ...

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How to handle unprofessionalism in academia?
Accepted answer
4 votes

In my limited experience this is the BS many have to deal with in academia, which is the main reason why doing a PhD made me change my mind about working in academia. Universities are a place where ...

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Have I given my PhD supervisor enough time to react to serious issues before raising it above their head?
-1 votes

I agree with 'Jessica B' points but also consider these. As a recent PhD graduate and a student Union representative for the duration I came across a lot of issues and as a rule of thumb (at least in ...

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How can I know if I’m working through my PhD correctly?
-4 votes

My simple answer to your complex question is try to publish papers before hand. The reviews give you a good understanding of what is required, and also the publications can make your viva effectively ...

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