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200 votes

Why is it acceptable that publishers sell papers they didn’t pay for?

153 votes

Is it appropriate to request that the department hire a female faculty member?

148 votes

I slept with my advisor's daughter and she is blackmailing me now. What can I do?

134 votes

I got accepted into a math PhD program but I don't feel adequate enough to attend

125 votes

I'm a professor being mistaken for a grad student, how to handle this?

124 votes

I got the same referee report from two different journals

94 votes

Why is research at highly productive research institutions better than those at not-so-highly productive research institutions?

78 votes

Prospective supervisor wants me to do irrelevant videos as a condition for supervision. Can I say yes when I mean no?

61 votes

Is it reasonable to ask candidates to create a profile on Google Scholar?

50 votes

Is it appropriate to rewrite and republish another author's useful but very badly written paper?

43 votes

Disputed territorial claims in academic submissions

41 votes

Why do professors obfuscate their email addresses on their websites?

38 votes

How am I supposed to go to conferences with a reimbursement system as a poor TA?

38 votes

Can a lecturer force you to learn a specific programming syntax / language?

37 votes

Is it possible to start a PhD at 36 without taking a huge hit financially?

37 votes

Whom should I send the email to? The Principal Investigator or the postdoc who have done the work?

34 votes

What should PhD students do if they submit a paper to two journals and a reviewer notices concurrent submission?

34 votes

What is a computer science conference, really?

33 votes

How do so many people here on Academia.SE, and in general, afford lavish higher education programs?

27 votes

Citing a rejected paper in related work

24 votes

Should I write a rebuttal for all for the reviewers or just the rejecting reviewers?

22 votes

Is it ethical to omit the PhD credential from my resume?

21 votes

What are the most credible rankings of US computer science departments?

19 votes

Does anyone in Academia.SE know about Saudi universities?

18 votes

Should a peer review for an academic journal include a recommendation for acceptance?

18 votes

Is it ethical to slightly improve upon someone's unpublished work posted in arxiv and publish before the original work?

18 votes

Etiquette question: is there such a thing as accepting an offer 'too early'?

17 votes

Donating money to scientific research after my death

15 votes

What are the upsides for British science from Brexit?

15 votes

Is it better to go for a postdoc in the US or Europe?