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Software engineer with 5 years industry experience with avid interests in iOS Mobile Development, Artificial Intelligence, Natural language processing, Machine Learning, Web Development and Data Analysis. Analytical thinker with strong trouble-shooting, problem-solving, and debugging skills. Motivated team worker by leading development teams and mentoring junior engineers.

I am a student at the University of Texas at Dallas. I had a great experience developing a Search Engine for Deep Space. I worked on Expanding the user query to provide more relevant results to the user search input. I have also implemented the Google Page Ranking (including topic based) Algorithm.

I'm extremely passionate in developing innovative and utilitarian products. My app is featured by Apple in iTunes Point-of-Sale business section.

One of my other passions is contributing to open source community. I have released several open source tools under MIT license like Symbolication-Plugin for Xcode, Animated views that have received several hundreds of unique clones and downloads.

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