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Is it true that foreign students have very limited academic prospects in Germany?
9 votes

As already better answers regarding statistics have been proposed I will comment on the "preference towards Germans" issue that has been mentioned both by the main post and subsequent answers. I am ...

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What questions to expect from Skype chat with potential supervisor for a Masters in Neuroscience?
5 votes

Ok, my interview has already taken place. In case anyone has the same question, it was a very relaxed interview ( even though I was obviously very stressed). The researcher asked me why I chose to ...

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Phd interview travel paid by interviewer - Is it bad form to ask to stay for the weekend?
4 votes

I did this exactly in March. I politely stated that I would really love to get to know the city and stay a whole week. I told the university I was obviously going to pay for the extra days. The ...

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How to turn down a MSc supervisor after we had already agreed to work together?
2 votes

I followed the advice of the answers above and I sent the corresponding emails to the professor and the program administration office and everything went great! The professor just answered with a ...

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Admission offer deadline extension
Accepted answer
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I think a very short email saying you are going to wait until the deadline for accepting the offer, with no further explanation, would be enough. You are not doing anything wrong and April 15th is the ...

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