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17 votes

Accidentally addressed lecturer as Mrs instead of Ms

7 votes

Could it be beneficial for me to not disclose my gender/ethnicity in an REU application?

3 votes

How is sexism unknowingly perpetrated in academia?

2 votes

Is there deliberate gender preferential treatment in hiring or admission in STEM fields?

1 vote

May a man attend a workshop entitled “Young women in [domain]”?

1 vote

Are academics more tolerant of biological and philosophical differences?

0 votes

Reusing someone else's code in my own publication

0 votes

How to address email to a professor who prefers informality?

-1 votes

How detrimental is involvement in politics to a scientific career?

-1 votes

Do all countries have the same gender imbalance in science?

-3 votes

Should I disclose gender, race, disabilities etc. in tenure track job applications?

-4 votes

What research explains political attitudes of academics?

-6 votes

Why do undergraduate admissions in the U.S take into account nonacademic criteria?