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31 votes

Why do researchers need universities?

21 votes

Will ISIS attacks hurt my PhD application as a Muslim?

16 votes

How can I deal with a lecturer ridiculing me in front of class for making a mistake?

10 votes

How do you answer "Oh, you're a professor? What do you teach?"

5 votes

U.S. grading system: Why discrete grades?

3 votes

As a TA, how to react if I come across a Facebook group in which students insult me?

3 votes

Dealing with a PhD student reneging on an agreement to appear in social media

1 vote

Paper work came to halt - what can I do?

0 votes

As an undergrad in research, how should I deal with a uncommitted PhD co-worker?

0 votes

Why would a grad school reduce fees to a trivial amount rather than reduce stipend?

-4 votes

Why do lecturers not just assume all students have read the book?