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177 votes

Will ISIS attacks hurt my PhD application as a Muslim?

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How to avoid procrastination during the research phase of my PhD?

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What does authorship ordering really mean in field X?

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Is useful?

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Doing research outside of academia, without a PhD?

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Age and Graduate school

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How to approach PhD admissions after leaving previous PhD because my advisor tried to force me to manipulate data

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Saying "good question" during a seminar talk

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Is a PhD right for you if you hate doing research in your free time but love doing it as a job?

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Do teaching evaluations lead to lower standards in class?

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Is it appropriate to bring some kind of gift for a host professor?

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Is it common to review papers assigned to your supervisor?

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Why would a "poorly written" paper get a reject and resubmit decision rather than major revision?

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What to do about "grade grubbers?"

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Is it okay for a PhD supervisor to claim co-authorship... even if it's my work, and he didn't ask?

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How many applications are usually received for a given PhD position?

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What is the principal investigator’s responsibility regarding data authenticity?

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When someone says a paper is published "in Nature", does that mean it's published in *Nature*?

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How to screen out candidates for faculty jobs who don't know the subject

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Doing a PhD with significant external time obligations (e.g., marriage)

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How to invite yourself to present at another university?

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How to highlight the text changes to the supervisor?

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Accepted subject to minor revisions. How should I list this in my CV?

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Academic pipeline: How many papers should you have under review?

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What are some general good principles for creating a poster for a poster session?

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What happens to a research group when a principal investigator (P.I.) dies? Is it common to have existing contingency plans?

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Dissertation proposal before admission: Is it possible?

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Making figure legends for papers in the biological sciences

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Differences in quality between a PhD with graduate course work, and one purely on research?

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Author did not make the major changes asked during the review process