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How to deal with the frustration of doing PhD at a low-ranked university
33 votes

Ok 1st of all I think you're delusional about what you "think" you're missing out on. Everywhere you go, academia is a very independent vocation. That is, even at a top notch school, your peers ...

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Giving back to alma mater
23 votes

Why are you concerned about expectations? After you get your parchment, your school no longer has anything to give to you. What you give is purely from your own generosity -- because you feel by ...

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What do people usually wear to conferences?
18 votes

It depends on who you are, who your audience is, and what you're presenting. If your talk is very, very academic, then your best going with business casual. I have never seen a speaker wear a suit ...

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How to avoid procrastination during the research phase of my PhD?
13 votes

Here is one thing that helps me: Block out work time and allocate relaxation time for each day (relaxation does not mean sleep). You cannot work 100% of the time, but you need to be vigilant about ...

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Keeping your throat comfortable after hours of lecturing
8 votes

Make sure you're well hydrated at all times just before, and during, the lecture. Lecturing while thirsty means bad lubrication for your vocal chords. Make sure you're lecturing in not-too-much-...

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Very demanding adviser
2 votes

I guess you need to understand that as her student, you represent her. You said she was a big name. Do you trust her? My advice is to just follow her advice. After you speak your point about ...

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Is it ethical to profit by having my students buy my textbook?
1 votes

It is only unethical to force your students to buy your text if you believe your text to be suboptimal, subpar, and inferior quality to other textbooks that are available. In short, if you look at ...

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Device for writing a lecture with a stylus for video lecture recording
1 votes

Yes, by all means use a Wacom (any device). You need screen capturing s/w and audio capturing. You can then post the video afterwards (which will just be the computer screen, and your voice talking ...

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