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129 votes

My teaching evaluations arrived and female students statistically gave me worse scores than male students. Is there any possible explanation?

122 votes

First year Math PhD student; My problem solving skill has been completely atrophied and continues to decline

116 votes

Is it rude to call a professor by their last name with no prefix in a non-academic setting?

93 votes

Can I write a referee report too fast?

82 votes

How can I decline the request to help a fellow student cheat?

70 votes

Is it bad to finish your talk early at conferences?

66 votes

Forgetting what you have published

61 votes

Are athletes' college degrees discounted by employers and graduate school admissions?

58 votes

I feel like my mathematical competence is fading

57 votes

Is there a way to improve my grade after graduation?

57 votes

Should academic papers necessarily carry a sober tone?

53 votes

Why don't all disciplines follow a double-blind review system?

52 votes

Is this psychological abuse? Should I switch supervisors?

50 votes

Color CV vs black and white CV

49 votes

Can I ask my supervisor how long would it take to complete my PhD before beginning my PhD studies and post getting acceptance letter?

48 votes

What is the advantage of becoming a full professor if you already have tenure as an associate professor?

47 votes

Why is Howard University still predominantly black?

44 votes

Is declining an undergraduate award which causes me discomfort appropriate?

41 votes

What is a nice phrase to use instead of "ladies and gentlemen" to be more inclusive?

39 votes

Verification of PhD from Harvard

39 votes

Should I publish work from my undergrad now that I am in graduate school and no longer working in the same field?

38 votes

Should I avoid telling my PhD supervisor that I have started taking antidepressants (due to some issues in my personal life)?

36 votes

Referee made a mistake but recommended acceptance, what to do?

36 votes

Why are tenure-track professors hired on the basis of their research when they spend most of their time teaching?

36 votes

How to ask dumb questions

34 votes

I was sexually assaulted by a professor writing me a LOR for grad-school applications. What should I do?

30 votes

Is it okay if a professor friends a student on social media sites?

30 votes

Job offer for UK Reader

29 votes

Is it worth self-funding a PhD to attend a top 10 university?

28 votes

Is teaching calculus important for getting a job as a university professor in mathematics?

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