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27 votes

Is use of unconventional design elements or layout something frowned upon in academic context?

13 votes

What to do about "grade grubbers?"

11 votes

Should I reward points for an incorrect answer if it is the result of misinformation presented in a TA's office hours?

10 votes

Is verbatim copying several paragraphs of text with citation considered plagiarism?

7 votes

Is it normal to feel impatient in lectures when a lecturer explains material that could be obtained from textbooks?

6 votes

Professor only teaches what is already in textbook. Should I quit going to the lectures?

6 votes

When / how should I ask about a manuscript's status in review?

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What are the trade-offs of working in the office versus elsewhere (as a professor)?

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How to encourage seminar attendance?

2 votes

Saving handwritten notes for future reference

1 vote

What data analysis software should a supervisor recommend to their research students?