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Is use of unconventional design elements or layout something frowned upon in academic context?
26 votes

Good design is invisible. The goal of design is to increase understanding/clarity. If your design is truly good then it will go unnoticed but your content will be better understood. If your design ...

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What to do about "grade grubbers?"
13 votes

I think the best approach to these types of situations is honesty. I would never refuse a request to explain why how I arrived at a student's grade but if I feel that a student is going about the ...

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Should I reward points for an incorrect answer if it is the result of misinformation presented in a TA's office hours?
11 votes

I agree with your council to the TA but you should give the student the points (or not use this assignment toward the calculation of the student's grades). Is it fair that the student is receiving ...

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Is verbatim copying several paragraphs of text with citation considered plagiarism?
9 votes

The original author owns two things: the ideas in their work, and the language they used to convey those ideas. Plagiarism occurs when you use either without proper attribution. If you paraphrase ...

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Is it normal to feel impatient in lectures when a lecturer explains material that could be obtained from textbooks?
7 votes

In my experience as a professor I have with some regularity encountered students that are impatient with my classroom lectures and exercises. The Problem In virtually all of these cases it was ...

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Professor only teaches what is already in textbook. Should I quit going to the lectures?
5 votes

It is difficult to know the reason why the lectures are not working for you without more information about you, the professor, and the course, but there are a few possibilities: The professor is not ...

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When / how should I ask about a manuscript's status in review?
5 votes

If done respectfully, it is never unreasonable to request the status of your manuscript.

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What are the trade-offs of working in the office versus elsewhere (as a professor)?
4 votes

I think the basic guideline is the perception that you give. The actual time you spend in and out of your office is less important than whether your colleagues feel like you are an active member of ...

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How to encourage seminar attendance?
3 votes

Identify the needs/wants of the people you want to attend. You are currently phrasing the benefit of these seminars from the perspective of the speakers (i.e., to provide an opportunity for PhD ...

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Saving handwritten notes for future reference
2 votes

Since you already have the notes written, it seems that mainly what you are looking for is a digital reference management system - akin to the digital card catalogs of the library. This would allow ...

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What data analysis software should a supervisor recommend to their research students?
1 votes

The specific platform is going to be discipline specific so what will work for my students may not be best for your students. However, if you teach them a proper digital-data-analysis workflow, ...

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