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254 votes

How much percentage royalty do I get from Springer (as the paper's author) and how I can apply for royalty payment?

160 votes

Should I simply ignore it if authors assume that I'm male in their response to my review of their article?

122 votes

Two researchers want to work on the same extension to my paper. Who to help?

100 votes

Is it okay for a potential post doc to send an email to professor on the weekend?

99 votes

Can I tell the authors I was a referee for the same paper for another journal?

99 votes

Why did I receive a negative response from a professor when emailing about course content and prerequisites of a course I am considering taking?

81 votes

Professor I am working with asked for my code

77 votes

Is it appropriate to email a professor saying you enjoyed their class, after doing well in it?

75 votes

I have found a mistake on someone's code published online: what is the protocol?

73 votes

Dates on degrees don’t make sense – will people care?

70 votes

Thesis' "Future Work" section – is it acceptable to omit personal involvement in a mentioned project?

66 votes

What to do with students requesting deadline extension due to the death of a relative (but without a doctor's note)?

58 votes

Fellow student seems to be chasing rainbows. Should I step in?

57 votes

Isn't the PhD supervisor required to teach the student the research subject and prerequisites, in order to save time?

56 votes

Is it unusual for a math department not to have a mail/web server?

56 votes

Should I convince my advisor that thesis work is not finished yet?

55 votes

Do I have to cite common CS algorithms?

54 votes

Has there ever been a strike of peer reviewers?

51 votes

How to negotiate when professor asks for your help with a grant

49 votes

What to do when paper is under review in two journals, because first journal did not act on request to withdraw?

48 votes

Is it plagiarism to copy the form and structure of an article?

47 votes

Conference paper rejected after positive review and TPC comments

46 votes

Should my PhD thesis be submitted under my legal name?

44 votes

What to do when another researcher used my results without credit in a science documentary?

43 votes

I changed a word from a source, how do I cite it correctly?

43 votes

Is it possible to save a (science) PhD in 10 months?

42 votes

Taking an academic pseudonym?

40 votes

Invited to give a talk but could not attend, can it be on CV?

39 votes

Journal rejected my paper because contents of paper are in PhD thesis

39 votes

Do you need a certificate to validate your publication?

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