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Ph.D. in engineering after Ph.D. in mathematics
17 votes

From what I know, it would hurt you. From the MIT ECE website (just as an example): If I already have a PhD, can I apply for another PhD in EECS? No, we will not admit an applicant who already holds ...

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Are there people who have done so much work before PhD that they get a PhD automatically?
9 votes

George Dantzig solved two previously unsolved statistics problems while in graduate school (without realizing it). His advisor told him that he would accept his papers as his thesis (though I'm unable ...

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What subjects benefit from textbook editions?
3 votes

Communications engineering, from what I understand, is rapidly changing (what with the Internet at all). In fact, any textbook related to computer technology is bound to be severely outdated in ...

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Should I say something to an undergraduate research assistant who isn't really working full time?
1 votes

I am an undergraduate (in electrical engineering) doing undergraduate research, so I'll answer based on my own situation and what I would want if I were in the same situation. It's possible, if he ...

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