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36 votes

How should one handle peers, competition and other social pressure while studying theoretical CS/Maths?

16 votes

Why did my advisor criticize my work for the first time at my Master's Thesis defense?

11 votes

When and why should you write numbers less than 10 in words?

9 votes

Reusing material from thesis proposal in final thesis

8 votes

How to answer a professor asking "what your masters work is about?" when my thesis is not in English?

7 votes

Can I slack off and get a PhD?

6 votes

How to make thesis-writing feel less tedious?

5 votes

How should I control my nervousness, so as not to disturb my presentation on the day of a conference?

4 votes

Editor said I may apply reviewer's suggestions and resubmit "if I wish", what are the consequences if I don't?

3 votes

How much do my career prospects suffer if I start a mathematics/CS PhD. at the age of 27?

2 votes

How do I ask whether I am going to be an author on a proposed research project?

1 vote

Decision and PhD. Take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or pursue a life dream

0 votes

Choose people or topic preference for PhD?