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What is the point of being the head of the department?
6 votes

Be it academia, politics, or a business environment a large incentive for going into a administrative role is the power to improve the way the department is run. These improvements can come from by ...

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What can I do if I have a massive personal problem with a future student?
3 votes

The crux of this is if you are able to stay professional and leave your personal bias out of it. Don't feel like a bad person or unprofessional if you aren't able to in this case, that is what ...

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Is there anything I can do about a teacher who is rumored to be unreasonably severe and whose class I am about to take?
1 votes

Assuming this professor is in fact a bad apple taking this section of this course is gambling with your tuition and your GPA. I'd consider the following points for the goal of minimizing your chance ...

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