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How flexible is grant funding?

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How is a PhD student staying in their institution as a postdoc perceived by future employers?

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Is it common for a mathematics Master's student to have no publications?

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Is there a point to setting assignment deadlines and late penalties besides practicality?

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Nervous about my thesis results -how to decode my supervisor's email?

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Professor I am working with asked for my code

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Should a student use the email account provided by the university to communicate with professors?

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Why are there no computer-friendly versions of papers?

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Why do some universities not provide marking schemes for mock exams?

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Good at coursework and learning background material, but attempts at original research go downhill. How to overcome psychological block?

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What can happen if someone acknowledges a grant on papers not related to that grant?

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Can one 'wear out' an editor with bad papers?

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What should I do if I have accepted an offer informally but am denied the job?

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How can I encourage my advisor to adopt better work practices?

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Is Scribd widely used in academia?