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18 votes

Professor expects me to attend a conference. I can't afford to go,even with 50% funding

15 votes

What to do when being responsible for data protection in your lab, yet advice is ignored?

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Why doesn't Germany just raise its requirements to get into a university course?

9 votes

Do I need permission from coauthors to present a published paper at conference?

7 votes

My advisor cited her colleague's papers in her own methodology even though she did not use those methods. Does this qualify as scientific misconduct?

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Can one demand to see code used to generate an article?

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File / Data / Script management as a PhD

5 votes

How long does one need to keep the original data of a study / publication?

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Do teachers generally refer to hard-to-comprehend books?

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How can a PhD holder safely negotiate the salary level for a TVL E13 position?

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Why does this site give different answers about leaving a bad situation compared to Workplace.SE?

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Am I required to hand out private encryption key to head of institute?

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Is it normal for collaborator to rerun experiments himself?

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Is there a generally accepted format for submitting papers to journals?

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Is postdoc stipend taxable in Germany?

2 votes

What are the consequences if I cut ties with my former PhD supervisor?

1 vote

How does ‚Äúreproducing other labs' results‚ÄĚ work?