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157 votes

Have I embarassed my supervisors by solving a problem that a PhD student in my group was working on without success?

128 votes

Should I do anything if I am cited for something that wasn't in my paper?

106 votes

Is someone who solely contributes negative feedback to a paper considered an author?

75 votes

What are some examples of famous scholars with low h-index?

74 votes

How to interpret this rejection email from Journal of American Math Society? Anything to read between the lines?

71 votes

PhD Student : Publish Paper with Wife?

56 votes

What happens if you don't get tenure?

50 votes

How to reduce negative consequence for the person I plagiarized my assignment from?

49 votes

Should I ask for permission to name a mathematical theorem?

40 votes

Do I not have the personality for a PhD?

38 votes

Is it unwise to pick an old field of research in maths to write a PhD thesis about?

36 votes

Writing a letter of recommendation for a mediocre student

36 votes

What careers not requiring an academic degree might be open to a self-learner who wants to do research on pure mathematics?

36 votes

What do mathematics researchers do if they aren't good?

35 votes

My research supervisor left the university and no one told me

33 votes

Is it a good idea to name some mathematical objects after my thesis advisor?

30 votes

Techniques for good board handwriting

28 votes

Why is my mood dictated so much by how well my research is going?

28 votes

Referee report ignored and not sent to authors

26 votes

Just got tenured and promoted, but need to move for family reasons

25 votes

Should I quote an anonymous review on my CV?

25 votes

Extent of "unscientific" or wrong papers in research mathematics

25 votes

As a male student, did I say something wrong to this female professor?

24 votes

What is required of a mathematics referee?

23 votes

"Professors do talk, you know" - What exactly does that mean?

22 votes

Should I mention that I worked as a professional online poker player on my university application?

21 votes

Is it ethical to obtain journal articles from places other than the publisher's official sites?

21 votes

Should PhD students mention small grants on their CV?

21 votes

Will not collaborating hurt the career of a math postdoc?

20 votes

Why do some instructors care so much about attendance?

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