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My PhD is in applied math, focused on real-world inverse problems posed via partial differential equations. I find it satisfying to implement ideas in mathematically-optimized computer code, whether for PDE numerical analysis, 24/7 scalable web server software, or HTML 5 apps. I truly enjoy programming in almost any computer language so long as both the language itself is efficient and the language also grants me the ability to be efficient by allowing me full control over enhancing the algorithms and operations involved. I passed the milestone of writing one million lines of code over 13 years ago and haven't been counting since then.

Coding can become tiresome on rare occasions when creativity is not invited to the task at hand. I therefore consider it a blessing that I can spend the rest of my time each day tutoring and lecturing at universities, because I never get tired of teaching and helping others.

As a side-job, I have tens of thousands of hours' experience in professional photography and writing. My research interests are influenced by the imaging problems related to photography, in particular image recovery and more efficient ways of representing images in less space and with higher quality. I love a good algorithm, but more than all, I love Jesus, the Creator of all.

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