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196 votes

My university requires that I take attendance. How should I treat students who arrive late to class?

175 votes

A paper I received to review has (independently) duplicated work that we are writing up. How to proceed in light of peer-review confidentiality?

166 votes

Should I simply ignore it if authors assume that I'm male in their response to my review of their article?

161 votes

How should I proceed when a (famous) professor says I'm not good enough for research?

146 votes

A published paper stole my unpublished results from a science fair

134 votes

Our instructor threw together freely available YouTube videos and Wikipedia articles instead of lectures. What should I do?

133 votes

How to deal with arrogant e-mail of a student

130 votes

Does academia have a lazy work culture?

109 votes

How to respond to "unfair to write English" comments?

99 votes

As a course lecturer, should I excuse late assignment submissions if I wrote the assignment deadline slightly wrong?

95 votes

I have been asked to change the review I gave to a paper

73 votes

What is the best way to motivate teaching assistants?

73 votes

Is it appropriate for my professor to include gender offensive material that is unrelated to the class subject matter in the course notes?

71 votes

Is it reasonable to have concerns about the recognition of Russian degrees given the war in Ukraine?

69 votes

Can I publish a paper which 1) proposes an idea and 2) proves that the idea doesn't work?

67 votes

Getting married abroad on August 21st, job begins on August 23rd. What do I do?

66 votes

Is it normal/ethical for student grades to be assigned according to quotas?

65 votes

Is having your hand in your pocket during a presentation bad?

63 votes

How to deal with students who are regularly late?

62 votes

Retaking an exam to improve a low, but passing grade. Why do universities not allow this?

61 votes

Trying to write several short, unimpactful papers to boost publication record

57 votes

Does country of author influence the rejection of research paper

55 votes

My professor has told me he will be the corresponding author. Will it hurt my future career?

53 votes

Is publishing runnable code instead of pseudo code shunned?

53 votes

"Caught" in a plagiarism program for an exam but not actually cheating

53 votes

How can I secure a solo-authored paper as a PhD student, while working with a supervisor who has reputation of forcing coauthorship?

50 votes

A lecturer wants to grade me based on 'creativity' in a task, how do I succeed?

49 votes

Is it a bad idea to use other professors' Youtube videos as lectures?

48 votes

Why are Ph.D admission numbers low?

46 votes

Confidential research project

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