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26 votes

Should I get a letter of recommendation from my mother, who is a famous researcher in my field?

14 votes

As a department head, what to do if a professor leaves without giving out grades?

13 votes

How honest should I be in disclosing not-so-exciting results?

11 votes

What do mathematics researchers do if they aren't good?

8 votes

Will one with record of unfinished PhD on his/her CV be doubted of his/her ability?

6 votes

About to write my PhD thesis and I don't know the basics and fundamentals. I am feeling unworthy of the PhD title. What should I do?

5 votes

What is the appropriate response to students who peek at the exam questions before the exam starts?

4 votes

Where can an academic put their lecture slides for posterity?

4 votes

Best-practice models for "research" code?

3 votes

Is it rude to call a professor by their last name with no prefix in a non-academic setting?

3 votes

Are authors of papers okay with receiving questions from people in industry?

2 votes

The book suggested for a class has bad reviews, should I use it or another?

1 vote

To what degree does earning a pure math PhD in dynamical systems limit my career options outside of academia

1 vote

Will leaving a PhD after one year or having a full PhD be better or worse for job in industry?

1 vote

First author doesn't want a co-author to read the whole paper

1 vote

Writing letter of recommendation for someone I have never met

0 votes

Is 75% an acceptable failing cutoff?

0 votes

Is a math degree really useless financially?