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78 votes

Leaving academia to join company's R&D department - How to deal with not publishing anymore, losing the cutting-edge knowledge and decreasing h-index?

75 votes

What should I do if I have some evidence pointing out that the results presented in a conference paper might be fake?

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Why do American universities have so many general education courses?

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How to properly acknowledge an old famous mathematician in my article?

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Working towards an academic career that lets me do research in two (largely) unconnected fields—is this even possible?

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How can I deal with students that are too sensitive when they are wrong? Particularly when they answer simple questions incorrectly during class?

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Is it valid to feel uncomfortable with questions unrelated to the grading of your performance?

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Should teachers encourage good students to help weaker ones?

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How do I avoid answering too many questions?

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Being TA for abusive professor

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Asking PhD advisor if I can be the sole author

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How to write an apology message to a professor when you've accidently been arrogant?

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Automatically download Zotero group library

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Should I reveal my slides bit-by-bit when giving a presentation/lecture?

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Should I tell my supervisor about my upcoming paper?

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Responsibility to report Health and Safety concerns