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18 votes

Is there a way to stop students using AI to generate essays?

12 votes

Is it too pretentious for an undergraduate student to have their own personal page?

7 votes

Why are exercises in US university classes graded?

7 votes

When teaching Computer Architecture, why are universities using obscure or even made-up CPUs? Why not x86, ARM or RISC-V?

6 votes

Is LaTeX an implicit prerequisite in Undergraduate Mathematics?

3 votes

When do I switch from "Dear Dr. X" to "Dear Firstname" when exchanging emails with a professor that I never seen before?

2 votes

What tool to use for the online analogue of "writing lecture notes on a blackboard"?

1 vote

How to deal with students wanting the answer versus working through the process

0 votes

What is the de facto standard while writing equation in a short email to professors?

0 votes

How to help a successful high schooler who is failing in college?

-1 votes

Should I reveal my slides bit-by-bit when giving a presentation/lecture?

-1 votes

How many hours spending learning a day