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130 votes

If I quit my PhD, would it make my advisor look bad?

94 votes

Why do so many PhDs choose to join academia instead of industry given the pay in academia is considerably lower and the workload is much heavier?

62 votes

How do I identify predatory and low quality journals? With Beall's List gone, how can I tell if a journal is spam?

51 votes

Will I destroy my career if I published a paper with a serious mistake?

40 votes

Is reusing old code for a new assignment considered self plagiarism? How to protect yourself if you consider it to be, and a group partner does not?

27 votes

PhD Student : Publish Paper with Wife?

24 votes

Should I apply for a PhD position with required programming skills which I do not have?

23 votes

How to silence the voice that tells you you're being financially irresponsible by spending 4 to 6 years doing a PhD?

21 votes

How much emphasis should be put on GitHub reputation in a computer science MSc application?

21 votes

Is's "mentions" feature real?

19 votes

How do some researchers consistently get published in venues with low acceptance rates?

18 votes

Using other people's data for dissertation: ethical or not?

17 votes

My paper has not been published because I did not show up for the conference presentation

14 votes

If supervisor has no expertise in your research work, is it possible to do a PhD under that supervisor?

14 votes

Why is a job interview needed if I am the only suitable candidate for a research-assistant position?

14 votes

It seems my advisor doesn't trust me, but why?

13 votes

Is there anything that has been tried to stop publication shopping

12 votes

Starting PhD without Bachelors

11 votes

Could not get along with any advisor, is it ego?

11 votes

Having children while at graduate school

11 votes

How to handle plagiarism on method that does not affect outcome results when reviewing a paper?

11 votes

Conference paper rejected after positive review and TPC comments

11 votes

How to deal with my PhD supervisors rudely critiquing all my draft papers?

9 votes

The professor takes me only if I continue up to finishing PhD. What should I do?

9 votes

How common is it for a paper to be wrong?

9 votes

What should I do if I think a researcher in my university is intentionally employing incompetent people?

9 votes

Is it appropriate for a student to have an advisor who is also a family member?

8 votes

Should I submit one strong recommendation letter or one strong letter and one weaker letter?

8 votes

How to quiet noisy undergrads students during lecture

7 votes

4 Years in PhD. No publications and adviser keep changing my research

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