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9 votes

How much depth should I have into a topic before I can claim it to be one of my research interests?

8 votes

Organizing my reading list in Mendeley

6 votes

Are cover letters sent to referees and should you highlight the contribution of your paper in the cover letter?

4 votes

What are the reasons for journals to have a policy against publishing material available as a preprint?

3 votes

Is there a website that lists for a set of at least 1000 journals OpenAccess fees for publishing an article?

2 votes

Is it ethical for a journal to request substantial payment for publishing a paper?

1 vote

Creating a book based on an article (copyright issues)

1 vote

What happens to the reviews that people write for journal articles after they're sent back to the author?

1 vote

Publishing DOIs instead of traditional references?

1 vote

Is there any world-wide ranking of conferences/journals?

0 votes

Web Service to fetch article citations

0 votes

Consequences of quiting a masters program (because of a job) and later applying for PhD program

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Good ways to multitask