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116 votes

Whether to report someone receiving extraordinary levels of help for PhD

116 votes

Should I give professor gift at the beginning of my PhD?

100 votes

Why do academics frequently write very short email replies?

89 votes

Is poor English grammar and writing style overlooked in otherwise strong math paper submissions?

89 votes

My post-doc is ending and I am applying to faculty positions. In the mean time, does being unemployed look better than taking an industry job?

75 votes

How do so many people here on Academia.SE, and in general, afford lavish higher education programs?

72 votes

Should I explain to the graduate admission committee why I am older than most prospective PhD students?

69 votes

Acknowledging a doctoral student as Dr

63 votes

Reviewer recommending citation of certain papers of specific group of authors may be himself

61 votes

Should I withdraw my paper because the editor is delaying the report?

58 votes

How do you come to terms with the fact that you might never be among the best in your research community?

57 votes

Why do non-governmental organizations tend to publish non peer-reviewed "grey" literature?

56 votes

Why not make students reproduce work?

56 votes

Why say source code is available with an ArXiv paper when it is not?

56 votes

Is co-authoring with friends a good idea?

52 votes

Is it appropriate to drop by another university's professor's lecture to talk about research afterwards?

51 votes

May I reveal my identity as an author during peer review?

50 votes

Publishing a mathematical research article on research which is already done?

49 votes

Why are textbook authors often not the most famous/cited researchers?

48 votes

Is it OK to call a professor by his first name when he/she signs emails by only first name?

48 votes

Will a recommendation letter such as that written for John F. Nash be convincing?

45 votes

How should I explain why I am leaving my current PhD and looking for a new PhD?

44 votes

As a PhD student, I want to limit myself to 40 hrs/week. How to maintain this boundary?

43 votes

How do journal/conference reviewers make sure of the results' integrity for submitted research papers?

42 votes

Why do universities delete professor's personal web pages after they leave?

37 votes

What to do if the editor's decision is not in your favor?

37 votes

Is it appropriate for a PI to appoint someone who is a family member?

36 votes

Is there a better way than a second PhD to make my extensive knowledge of history official?

35 votes

Should I mention a discovery was made by mistake? How is this practice viewed?

35 votes

How to be an independent student?

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