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Misguided use of offensive figures in student presentations

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As an evaluator in mathematics, how should I grade responses that answer the question asked, but in less detail than desired?

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Does it have a bad effect on my career if I publish in Frontiers journals?

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How do I navigate "verbal offers" for postdoctoral positions?

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How should I approach my studies in the Humanities area if I'm a contrarian?

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Can I submit a manuscript without following the recommendation of the journal regarding the use of their template?

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What is the role of an examiner in an undergraduate defence in Tunisia?

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Being considered for a PhD program I didn't apply to but then experiencing radio silence

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What to write at "Activité en matière d'administration et autres responsabilités" while applying for 'qualification' for MCF position in France

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How do professors advance from 2nd to 1st class in France?

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What exactly is the "présentation analytique" while applying for MCF (assistant professor) positions in France on Galaxie portal?

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When writing referee's report after paper revision, can I discuss the reports of other referees?

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On the qualification for teacher-researcher/enseignant-chercheur (MCF) positions in France and its recent abolition - what exactly does the law say?

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How do I tell a professor I don't find their research topic interesting?

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Are non-EU PhD scholarships for a non-eu student taxable in France?

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Do new professors typically get paid for course prep done prior to starting their job?