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Is it OK to use personal email ID for faculty job applications or should we use (current) institute's ID
10 votes

No, there's no negative impact. In many universities your email account stops working after you leave, and you'll definitely want potential employers to have valid contact information. And everyone ...

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Is it common to provide digital notes (slides or handwritten) for students?
10 votes

Some background: In Finnish universities the mentality usually is* that student should have the responsibility for their studies and learning (from what and how many courses to take each year to how ...

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Where and how are Computer Science researchers publishing datasets?
Accepted answer
4 votes

Zenodo is a EU-funded dataset storage site ran by CERN that seems to be slowly gaining traction. Each dataset gets a DOI immediately when you publish it, so you can refer to the dataset in your ...

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Is "Advances in Engineering" a predatory platform?
3 votes

A human writing to you about your research would say something about your research and say how it contributes to research excellence. Spam bots tend to use a general template and refer to your ...

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Why do lecturers not just assume all students have read the book?
2 votes

Disclaimer: I'm not an experienced teacher, and I certainly don't represent all lecturers, so this is mostly just guesswork based on my experience in academia. Edit: Just to clarify, I'm not claiming ...

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