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Theoretical CS research having a math undergrad
13 votes

Many people in Theoretical Computer Science have undergraduate (and sometimes graduate) degrees in Mathematics, and some do not know how to program at all: do not be afraid and go on. Having a solid ...

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Is it more difficult for teetotalers to develop academic contacts?
7 votes

I am not drinking alcohol and it does not prohibit social interactions in academia: just order an orange juice and nobody will think bad of you. That said, socializing requires to find a common base ...

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Is it plagiarism to copy formulations from others?
5 votes

No, your example is definitely not plagiarism. More generally, you can refer to the book "Writing for Computer Science" by Justin Zobel (Second edition, p.65, Section Quotations) to decide when to ...

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Re-submission of rejected manuscript without informing co-authors
4 votes

You should apologize, but even more importantly, you should understand why it was a mistake, and show that you understand why, so that your coauthors know that you will not make the same mistake in ...

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How to decide whether a statement requires citing a reliable source
4 votes

It depends of the audience at which is aimed the article. In theory, in a scientific document you must explicitly list the basis for all your assumptions, and defend them. If the correctness of the ...

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What behaviors (desirable or not) are encouraged by an incentive system based on publication throughput?
3 votes

If Academia was a game, and if the winning rule was to maximize one's number of publications (which I don't think it is, but which the administrators of some institutions seem to believe), I think ...

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How much effort does it take to record video courses?
1 votes

You might be interested in Erik Demaine's set up for video classes, which seems to require less work:

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Is starting with the abstract and conclusion an efficient reading approach for writing a literature review?
0 votes

I fill the following template for each article I read. Some of them I fill only partially at first, to potentially come back later if I interested in spending more time. I found that noting the plan ...

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