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I am a computer enthusiast who programs as a hobby. I have dabbled in Basic, Visual Basic, ASL, and C++, but my favorite language of all time is Python.

I was first introduced to programing in the second half of my Senior year in High School, way back in the spring of 1981. Computers back then were very expensive and very simple. The home market was in its infancy and consisted of the Commodore Vic-20, the RaidoShack TSR-80, and the Sinclare ZX80, along with a hand full of low-end business machines and build-it-yourself heath kit systems. The system I used in High School was a remote terminal for a large-batch-processing machine located at a university. But I took to programing like a fish takes to water and complete two semesters of programing classes in my final semester before graduation. And I was hooked!

When the Commadore-64 was released in 1982, I jumped at it. I bought a Commodore-64 (on sale!) for $500, much to the puzzlement of my father. Two months later, Commadore slashed the price in half, and the price continued to fall from there. Yet I never for an instant regretted the price I had paid. Those two-months of staying up all night, programing and learning the ins and outs of the system were absolute heaven for me. I worked at my job all day, programmed all night, and grabbed a few hours of sleep when I could. Ahh.. the stamina of youth.

Today I'm down to two or three hours of programing a day. I study Python and write programs that I seldom use. Does this seem odd? To sink so much time into writing programs that seldom see the light of day once they are done? It isn't odd. A painter doesn't paint because he wants a picture, a painter paints because he loves painting! This is my relationship with Python. It is a relationship of love.

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