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87 votes

My peers are publishing high impact papers and getting awards or offers while I am struggling to write a decent paper. What should I do differently?

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First year Math PhD student; My problem solving skill has been completely atrophied and continues to decline

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How can I improve my paper with mostly original contents and only two references?

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PhD in a probably hopeless research project

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Is this self-plagiarism?

35 votes

Is including references of journals with low or no reputation considered bad practice?

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What's the social meaning of "He was a student of..."?

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Can I use plagiarism checker to check the similarity index of my manuscipt?

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Can it be disadvantageous to actively publish in completely different fields?

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Is there a rule to rather use points and not commas as decimal separators in academic writing?

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How to respond to "unfair to write English" comments?

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Finding a PhD supervisor as an experienced professional working outside of academia

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I'm publishing a paper without an affiliation and cannot afford article processing charges. Suggestions?

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Can exam questions be removed for being too difficult after students have sat the exam?

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As a referee, how can I avoid being force-opted into marketing?

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How to leave academia?

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Discard a constantly rejected manuscript or go for a lower-tier journal?

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How useful are university teaching certifications in faculty hiring?

13 votes

Why do colleges attempt to teach students who lack prerequisite skills?

13 votes

I believe I have a clever idea/tool that should be widely adopted by the research community. How to interpret a lukewarm response?

12 votes

How to answer 'Is your research going to be in biology text books one day?' question during faculty interview?

11 votes

Are academic groups allowed to use grant funds to hedge against exchange rate changes?

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How can a professor avoid becoming a manager?

10 votes

Teaching "professorships"

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Is the '°' wrong in a degree centigrade mark?

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My personal views and my research work kind of collide. What can I do?

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What standards should I apply when evaluating a PhD thesis from a weaker university?

8 votes

Why are online lecture notes usually not accessible to non-students?

7 votes

How do University-graduated Spanish 'Ingenieros' demonstrate their certification is actually a Bachelor's Degree?

7 votes

How do I motivate my PhD students to attend seminars

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