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I'm a software engineer with more than two decades of professional experience in a variety of industries, beginning in the late 20th century.

I spent the first many years of my career building relational-database-backed Java-based web applications, including the unavoidable ancillary languages/technologies/markups: JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, SQL, XML, *nix shell scripting, and so on. Monoliths at first, then microservices.

In the last several years, I've also added TypeScript, Angular, React, Electron, Kubernetes (including Helm), and Go to my répertoire. My database experience has also expanded to include NoSQL (mostly Cassandra).

Outside of my work experience: as of this writing, I'm 43, married 19 years, with a two beautiful and hilarious daughters, ages 10 and almost 6. I'm a huge nerd with a thing for fast cars, alpine ski racing, home theater, and taking pictures of my daughters. I dream of someday having the scheduling flexibility to pursue these interests more seriously. For now, I dabble and speculate.

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