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127 votes

I have made my independent research available as a book on my website. Why is it not celebrated by the mathematics community?

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Regret after not being able to solve a problem that my supervisor did easily

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Should an instructor adjust grades for students from underrepresented groups?

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How can I work with a senior researcher who is less knowledgeable than myself?

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What is the benefit of writing lecture notes for an introductory course vs using a textbook?

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Is my advisor asking me to commit fraud?

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I might be rediscovering someone else's result. What should I do?

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What should I do with a year left in PhD?

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Giving a test lecture, what should I keep in mind?

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Is there any ethical problem with a tiered grading system?

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How to silence the voice that tells you you're being financially irresponsible by spending 4 to 6 years doing a PhD?