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Michael Mauderer
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I am a Senior Software Engineer and work at the intersection of computer graphics, human-computer-interaction and perceptual psychology.

I build interactive systems and tools that optimise how people perceive information. My past work includes projects around interactive tabletops, augmented and virtual reality, real-time eye-tracking systems (gaze-contingent displays), colour science, as well as automotive interfaces.

I hold a PhD from St Andrews University (Scotland, UK) and an MSc/BSc from Saarland University (Germany), both in Computer Science with a side dash of perceptual and cognitive psychology. My previous employers include the Cognitive Psychology Unit at Saarland University, the German Center for Artificial Intelligence, the St Andrews HCI Research Group (SACHI), Microsoft Research (Redmond), the Digitally Augmented Perception Lab at the University of Dundee (DAPRLAB), as well as Spatial Flow and Zedaxis. I have collaborated with Epic, Texas Instruments and BAE Systems.

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