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20 votes

How to reconcile desire to succeed in academia/willingness to prioritize research with ethical concerns about fair work practices?

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I believe I have a clever idea/tool that should be widely adopted by the research community. How to interpret a lukewarm response?

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How to supervise and support a smart but rebellious student?

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Is the practice of providing simple examples in research papers recommended?

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How PhD projects are acquired in pure mathematics

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First year Math PhD student; My problem solving skill has been completely atrophied and continues to decline

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Pros and cons of asking for an application fee waiver for PhD math

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How to email a professor requesting to supervise a PhD thesis?

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How to ignore a presenter's bad english?

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How to prepare for the job market during a (pure math) PhD

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Is it possible to get into graduate school for math with a non-math UG degree?

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How to teach students to ask good questions in seminars?