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29 votes

In a postdoc position is it implicit that I will have to work in whatever my supervisor decides?

21 votes

My teaching evaluations arrived and female students statistically gave me worse scores than male students. Is there any possible explanation?

18 votes

Reviewers do not live up to own quality standards

17 votes

Retaking an exam to improve a low, but passing grade. Why do universities not allow this?

16 votes

What is the proper etiquette when my advisor asks me to add non-contributing authors to author list?

11 votes

Asking PhD advisor if I can be the sole author

10 votes

After graduation, my work was followed up and being published, and I'm named as nth (n>3) author, is it a proper arrangement?

9 votes

Failed to submit the final grant report on time

8 votes

How to manage being excluded from the lab group?

7 votes

How do I know my results are worth publishing?

5 votes

Taking into account word lengths when writing humanities articles

4 votes

Is it typical to work 60 hours per week as a PhD student?

4 votes

What should I do if I have some evidence pointing out that the results presented in a conference paper might be fake?

3 votes

Would it be frowned upon for a person to hold two full time online teaching positions?

2 votes

Any tips for preventing perfectionism when it comes to notetaking?

2 votes

Is it important to maintain a work-life balance as a PhD student?

1 vote

Paper with potentially inappropriately-ordered authors, should a journal act?

-5 votes

Article that plagiarized our paper is still available and gets cited - what to do?