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Is it a good thing as a teacher to declare things like "Good! Things are becoming clearer already."

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What general skills must a student achieve to earn a Ph.D.?

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Why does one need to be a certified teacher to teach at secondary level and lower, but not at tertiary level?

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Why does this US DOI manuscript on archaeological sites have blacked-out text?

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What are the ethics involved in teaching my chair's child in my undergrad class?

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How common is it for a faculty search to be canceled during interviews?

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Teaching high school math between PhD and postdoc

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Are there academic institution-specific equivalents to attorneys (a professional who assists in navigating conduct and justice systems)?

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A coworker has involved me in fraud by splitting his conference trip expenses between our accounts

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Is giving condolences to a professor socially acceptable?

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Can I do bachelor’s, master’s and PhD at different universities?

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How to anonymize submissions and ensure each student gets exactly one chance to submit?