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Is publishing runnable code instead of pseudo code shunned?
181 votes

There are cases where real code is preferable, and cases where pseudocode is preferable. You shouldn't rely on a simple iron rule, but rather on judgement of what is appropriate to the situation. ...

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Who owns the laptop bought with funding for student training etc. in a fully funded PhD project?
1 votes

I don't think there's a global rule for this. Institutions could have their standard rules for this, but then enter in an agreement with a particular industrial partner to do it differently for that ...

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How bad is making mistakes in the lecture slides?
0 votes

Making a good slide deck is really, really hard. It is entirely normal that a lecturer needs several years teaching a course to develop the perfect deck. Consider the purpose of the slides: to give ...

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MS in Mathematics, having trouble finding work outside teaching algebra
14 votes

I was in a comparable situation a few years back: I was stuck on a CS BSc thesis that wasn't going anywhere fast with an obscure and unmarketable topic. Also, I had no relevant work experience. I ...

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