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-3 votes

Handling cases of "potential" ChatGPT-generated reviews in non-anonymous program committees (as a PC member)

2 votes

How to get recognition (e.g. in Google Scholar) from all the citations to my website

3 votes

Author of public dataset requesting co-authorship: usual?

30 votes

I wasted six years of my life getting a PhD degree. What should I do, and how will I survive?

2 votes

Failing students when it might cause them economic ruin

0 votes

Could a paper that's just a title and abstract be listed as a publication in CV?

14 votes

Should I simply ignore it if authors assume that I'm male in their response to my review of their article?

5 votes

How to react to a student proselytising during office hours?

4 votes

How to handle lecturer who doesn't let me use my phone?

4 votes

Professor does not care about cheating, what should TA do?

1 vote

How do I handle my teammate who does his task related with project very late just before the deadline?

1 vote

I'm 2 months into my PhD. When can I ask my supervisor about the rejected candidates?

-1 votes

Writing a recommendation letter for a student I reported for academic dishonesty

9 votes

Hired as a research assistant and told to track working hours for payment, is this normal?

5 votes

Are students allowed to read recommendation letters written for them?

6 votes

Is scientific misconduct relatively normalised in some countries or academic cultures?