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86 votes

How to deal with my PhD supervisors rudely critiquing all my draft papers?

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Do universities check if the PDF of Letter of Recommendation has been edited?

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Can I add a baby as a co-author of a scientific paper, to protest against co-authors who haven't made any contribution?

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How should you cite yourself when there are more than 15 authors?

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Professor wants to include a specific (maybe unnecessary) issue and focus less on other necessary ones in LoR. Please share your perspective

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I just got invited to referee an article! Is it OK to share this achievement on social media?

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How much does the name of the PhD degree matter?

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How to deal with people judging your 'overproductiveness'?

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Realised afterwards that I committed mild plagiarism in a paper I wrote as an undergraduate, what should I do?

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Is it possible to write the abstract in more than 2 languages

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Is all research connected via citations?

-2 votes

Can an advisor use student's data for journal publishing without prior consent?