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Is it unreasonable to expect students to read the lecture notes before attending the first class?
19 votes

You want the students to read the lecture notes prior to the first meeting of the class, but you do not appear to have a method of communicating this requirement directly to the students. Without a ...

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Graduate school admission: what is the point of having a waitlist of size 50 while intending to eventually offer a position to only a few applicants?
3 votes

The wait list is not there for the convenience of the students; it's there for the convenience of the institution. Universities know that some of the students they admit will turn them down. It ...

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Is there any way to post my code on Code Review Stack Exchange and not be worried about plagiarism?
2 votes

Simply put, there is no way to prevent someone from grabbing your code and using it in any way they care to, including claiming it as their own. Licenses and legalese are only important to people who ...

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