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248 votes

I believe I have solved a famous open problem. How do I convince people in the field that I am not a crank?

195 votes

Two years into my PhD program, and Mom is dying of cancer. Should I tell my advisor about it?

183 votes

Why do most people think it's a bad idea to read from slides?

169 votes

Identical projects by students at two different colleges: still plagiarism?

166 votes

A student in my course does well on exams, but doesn't do the homework: Go easy on them, or make them "pay the price?"

165 votes

What to remember when supervising female PhD students?

155 votes

Which review recommendation should I give to maximize the likelihood that a manuscript is rejected?

152 votes

Has anyone, based on great performance, ever been awarded a higher degree than the one they enrolled for?

147 votes

What is the point of listing 1000 authors for a single scientific paper?

139 votes

How to handle requests for a race-based exam structure?

137 votes

Will minor mistakes in my bachelor's thesis harm my future career as a researcher?

131 votes

Would it be rude to ask a famous professor who doesn't know me personally for a recommendation letter if I have published in a high ranking journal?

131 votes

Can I, as a reviewer, tell authors to get a native English speaker to proofread their paper?

129 votes

How to deal with students staying hours past the end of office hours?

125 votes

Should I omit some of my qualifications in my application materials to "surprise" with during an interview?

122 votes

TA talks to others about students, what to do?

122 votes

Is it frowned upon to go to office hours as a graduate student?

120 votes

How to deal with an advisor who wants a "friendlier" relationship with me than I do?

118 votes

Is it appropriate to send an email to a professor at the end of the semester thanking them for their teaching?

105 votes

Prof's neurological health is declining rapidly. What can I (TA) do?

99 votes

Should I ask my online PhD interview panel whether my partner can sit in?

97 votes

Where should the line be drawn regarding political statements in a scientific report?

96 votes

What productive academic work can you do with minimal attention in a small (<30 minutes) block of time?

95 votes

Is it true that 'nice' professors fail to produce good students?

95 votes

What are "fake", "shady", and/or "predatory" journals?

91 votes

What is the origin of the "underwater basket weaving" meme in Academia?

87 votes

Alma mater (USA) refuses to remove my name from public search

86 votes

How can I determine whether a student has written an excellent paper themselves, or hired someone else to do it?

83 votes

What to do if assignment is against student's religion?

82 votes

Am I obligated to continue to work on a paper I contributed significantly to?

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