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What to write in appeal for a rejected PhD application?
11 votes

I don't understand. Are you certain that you would have been better than at least 107 other applicants? Are you able to demonstrate it? Or do you have strong evidence that somehow your application ...

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What advice would you give students applying for graduate school in mathematics?
10 votes

Ben Webster has already wrote a great answer about how to get into a good math grad school, so I will not repeat that answer here. I do, however, want to interpret your question more broadly (what ...

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What is "Oberwolfach style"?
9 votes

I have been to Oberwolfach several times. Oberwolfach's schedule is something like two or three talks in the morning, followed by lunch and free time until around 3 or 4 (I don't remember exactly). ...

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Advisor's bad decision results in co-authored mediocre publication. How to prevent this from ruining my career?
5 votes

Judging by your past five questions (in fact, every question that you asked on here), you clearly have issues with your advisor. I doubt that your advisor is actually that bad. No one can be that bad,...

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How to politely negotiate PhD funding offer?
3 votes

I have never heard of graduate students negotiating salary. Where you go to graduate school matters a lot in your career; I have seen many sub-par people from top graduate schools obtain pretty good ...

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Approaching faculty members I don't know well to solicit career advice
0 votes

If your question is of the form "how do I become a professor at the prestigious university X?", then I don't think that it is worth contacting this professor. But if this professor has an interesting ...

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