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45 votes

How is cheating viewed in Western universities and why is it seen as such a big deal?

1 vote

Can I contact an author I reviewed for a typo in his manuscript without saying I'm his reviewer?

6 votes

On how/if I should ask my supervisor about lead authorship?

6 votes

Is it possible to save a (science) PhD in 10 months?

32 votes

Can I submit a paper under an alias so as to avoid trouble in my country?

2 votes

Can my age play as an obstacle in my Ph.D. application, and while getting student visa?

10 votes

Postdoc interview - somewhat positive reply but no news?

3 votes

What if I misunderstood something?

5 votes

Why should a P.I be motivated to write a strong LOR even if that means losing a undergraduate from his/her lab?

7 votes

Can an international student manage his cost of living in Australia if his 4 years PhD tuition fee is waived off by the university?

6 votes

What should I do if actually I found a serious flaw in someone's PhD thesis and an article derived from that PhD thesis?