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Nipun Tharuksha
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I started my career in 2014 as a production executive at Hayleys, one of the largest organizations in Sri Lanka. In the same year, I also started an external degree program BIT at UCSC. However, I was not able to complete the degree as I needed 0.2 more for the GPA. Nevertheless, I completed the final year project with a B+ and also obtained a diploma in information technology.

In 2016, while still working as an executive, I started freelancing web development projects and taught myself various programming languages. In September 2019, I switched my career to become a full-time software engineer, after being asked to join as a project lead by one of my freelancing employers. This was the turning point of my IT life. I knew that the employer trusted my capabilities, or else they wouldn't have asked me to join with them. I resigned from there after nine months and then joined a local company as a software engineer, where I worked for four months before moving on.

The following year, I worked for an international startup in the medical industry, where I handled several projects as the company grew. During this time, I also had the opportunity to interview candidates for the company and conducted a total of 187 interviews, selecting only 12 candidates.

In August 2021, I resigned from the startup as a senior software engineer and subsequently worked for several companies as a senior software engineer, specializing in Laravel, Vue, and AWS technologies. I develop projects from requirement gathering to deployment, and if you would like to learn more about my career story, please visit my LinkedIn profile. Additionally, you can check out my GitHub account. You may also check my Medium account as well.

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