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Is it okay to mention we're citing an article only because a reviewer told us to?

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Can I correct a mistake that the reviewers didn't spot in a paper that has not been accepted yet?

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First author doesn't want a co-author to read the whole paper

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Is verbatim copying of short technical phrases without quotes but with citation considered plagiarism?

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Should I ask my co-author before I upload an article (that he already told me is okay to publish) to arXiv?

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I got the same referee report from two different journals

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How to quote passage with literal error that changes the meaning?

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I was pushed to submit a mediocre paper to a conference. To my surprise it was accepted. How to save face?

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Is it appropriate to ask the professor a trick question?

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Is it standard for a math research paper to include less detail in proofs than a typical textbook would?

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How should degrees be listed in an e-mail signature?

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How to tune algorithm performances in computer science papers

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I have only one name shown in my ID card. How do I write my name (surname) in research paper or article?

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Quoting Keynes in a lecture

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How should I react to seeing another student cheat on an exam?

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Is it possible to submit a paper to a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal without PhD and get it accepted?

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Mathematics Stack Exchange as an indicator for academic career

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Why are journals used in modern scientific academic research?

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Should I warn my professor about some errors that I've found in his paper?

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What should I do if a professor says she doesn't understand my questions in office hours?

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Is it right and polite to ask for a free copy of a published paper?

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How do you come to terms with the fact that you might never be among the best in your research community?

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Contractions ("can't", "don't") in a mathematical paper

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Is it acceptable to email the author of a paper that you cannot follow?

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Does academia have a lazy work culture?

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Is it acceptable to cite people without putting the appropriate diacritics in their names?

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How do mathematicians conduct research?

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How to handle student plagiarism appropriately?

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Should I anglicise foreign names of people/places/organizations in my research?

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