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13 votes

I'm a professor being mistaken for a grad student, how to handle this?

7 votes

Is it ethical to make an anonymous referee realize we know who he is?

6 votes

Do universities check if the PDF of Letter of Recommendation has been edited?

5 votes

Interested in pursuing a Ph.D. to do research in making warp drive a reality

4 votes

Colleague blames me for not spotting typos when I only reviewed the structure and content

3 votes

How do I tell a professor I don't find their research topic interesting?

2 votes

Have I offended my professor by applying to summer research at other universities?

2 votes

How to stop a colleague from asking for my help in solving a very difficult problem?

2 votes

How can I know if I am working fast enough to finish my PhD?

1 vote

Why do Masters + PhD, when you can just do a PhD and then do a PostDoc?

1 vote

How to ask my former PhD supervisor to stay away from me and do not contact my prospective new PhD supervisor?

1 vote

Do I even like doing research?

1 vote

I feel like doing a PhD is my only option but I am not excited about it. What can I do to fix my life?

0 votes

Should I be honest with postdoc candidate about awful lab working environment?