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410 votes

Is 8:00 AM an unreasonable time to meet with my graduate students and post-doc?

278 votes

How to prevent students from using modified calculators to cheat on exams?

184 votes

A student keeps using a native language while asking questions in the class when the course is taught in English

174 votes

Upset by male classmates openly comparing female students according to physical appearance

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Professor expects me to attend a conference. I can't afford to go,even with 50% funding

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Can a lecturer force you to learn a specific programming syntax / language?

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Why does a mathematics department want student evaluations of a famous professor?

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Is it ethical for a Professor to disseminate wrong answers online?

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How to gain strength for an exam I have been studying for 2.5 years which is only 15 days away?

100 votes

Transcript of records is full of grammatical/spelling/formatting mistakes and the issuer gets angry when I inform them

86 votes

Is my approach to discouraging whiners from taking my class acceptable?

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Career advice: How can I move on from my probable PhD flop?

65 votes

Can I perform psychological experiments at home and be taken seriously?

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Can leaked nude pictures damage one's academic career?

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How should I proceed when a (famous) professor says I'm not good enough for research?

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How to resolve grading dispute between TA and Lecturer?

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Attending a conference that my abusive ex-supervisor is also attending, how I should react?

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Should I get a letter of recommendation from my mother, who is a famous researcher in my field?

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How does a suspended student deal with an unprofessional university counselor?

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How to avoid being falsely accused of harassment by a student?

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Could not get along with any advisor, is it ego?

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Is it common to provide digital notes (slides or handwritten) for students?

37 votes

Collaborator has shared a draft paper with a significant amount of self-plagiarism. Should I say something?

31 votes

Is it common to study mathematics without any computer programming? Why would this be considered acceptable?

31 votes

What did Universities use in lectures before they starting using PowerPoint?

31 votes

How do some researchers have such beautiful figures in publications, while their homepages look simple?

31 votes

Critiquing or commenting on someone's talk

30 votes

Because of past conflicts, I don't believe my advisor will write me a good LOR for postdoc positions. What should I do?

30 votes

How can I earn a professor's attention if I am not his/her student yet?

29 votes

How common is it in papers to contain copied paragraphs from previous papers?

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